Fully Booked Simple Sales Script

Confidently Turn Your DM’s Into Clients Every Time And Get Booked Out Now!

By: Amanda Breuer, Master Trainer & 6 Digit Club Artist, Glen Rosenberg, CEO
Beauty Angels Academy


With ZERO Experience Built A 6 Figure
Microblading Business In Less than A Year...

This program will give you the EXACT SCRIPT she uses every time to turn inquiries into appointments!

What You Will Get Out Of This Program:


The EXACT SCRIPT Amanda uses to easily and confidently turn conversations with prospects into booked appointments!


Precisely how Amanda builds TRUST, CONFIDENCE and RAPPORT with her prospects FAST!


How you can use these same strategies to quickly GET BOOKED OUT too!


A one page, SIMPLE SCRIPT to follow to make it really easy for you to get results right away!

What’s Included In This Program?

This program includes…

  • An in depth, instructional video presentation with hosts Glen Rosenberg (@glenrosenberg) & Amanda Breuer (@eastsidemicroblading)
  • A brief ebook that summarizes the principles that will turn your interested prospects into booked appointments
  • A very simple script for you to follow
  • A live role play demonstration of the actual script in action!

How Much Does This Program Cost?

One single microblading client can make you anywhere from $350 to $850.

We wanted this program to be profitable for you even if you literally only got ONE single client.

So we priced this course insanely low at only $147.00 USD 

Full 7 Day Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked

There’s no need to waste time trying to figure this out by yourself. Amanda already cracked the code and built a multiple 6 figure microblading business in less than a year with absolutely no experience! This program will literally spoon feed you everything, step by step, to turn interested prospects into booked appointments with confidence!

We’re so confident that this program will help you that we will guarantee it. If you are not satisfied that you got your money's worth from this program, simply let us know within 7 days and we will gladly provide you a full refund.

Glen Rosenberg CEO, Beauty Angels Academy