5 Benefits of Cryo Body Sculpting

When you exercise hard to lose weight, it can be frustrating to have excess skin and persistent fat that needs to be toned and molded. With body Cryo-Sculpting, you can achieve the shape you want.

Cryo Body Sculpting is a non-invasive procedure to destroy adhering body fat. It focuses on the lymphatic system to drain and eliminate unwanted fat and cellulite naturally. Most people have cellulite, which, for the most part, cannot be eliminated with diet and exercise.

How Does It Work? 

A single treatment lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes. It is performed by applying cold (sub-zero) temperatures to the fat layers through the skin to break down fat cells. These cells are then destroyed from your body through normal waste disposal systems. It causes no side effects or skin problems and requires no downtime after the procedure.

What is Cryo Body Sculpting Used For?

Cryo body sculpting is not a way to lose weight. However, it is useful if you have tried diet and exercise and have not been able to get rid of certain fat bulges. The treatment will be ideal for you if your goal is to tone certain areas of your body and face.

5 Amazing Benefits From Cryo Body Sculpting

1. Helps With Fat Loss

Thermal shock reduces fat cells that are often resistant to diet and exercise. The fat cells die and are drained through the lymphatic system by applying heat to relax the fat cells through vasodilation.

2. Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

Through mechanical energy and micro-massage, heat shock removes excess fluids through lymphatic drainage resulting in a smoother skin surface.

3. Triggers Collagen Production

It smooths facial lines and wrinkles and reduces puffiness around the eyes. Dead cells are released from the body while healthy skin cells are activated, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

4. Tone and Firm Your Skin

As well as collagen production, heat shock also effectively improves skin elasticity thanks to the significant increase in microcirculation brought about by applying cold and heat procedures. Ideal for restoring sagging and aging skin, heat shock promotes a more toned and tightened appearance.

5. Helps With Pain Relief and Injury Recovery

The treatment has been shown to stimulate the natural pain reduction process and activate anti-inflammatory processes, especially for muscle and tendon disorders.

We Help You Feel and Look Incredible With Cryo Body Sculpting

It never hurts to have cosmetic treatments, and even more when you can go home pain-free and looking fantastic the same day. At Eastside Makeup & Beauty, we achieve the change you are looking for. If you would like to know more about our services, contact us today.

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